Why Are So Many World Leaders Interested In WaterWorks Crystals® ?

  • Air Force 1


    Air Force One Carrying The President Of The United States

    Air Force One
  • President Clinton


    President Clinton greeting WaterWorks America President Bruce Wirtanen

    President Clinton
  • Holding WaterWorks


    The President of the United States holding WaterWorks Crystals®. The President was already aware of WaterWorks Crystals® remarkable ability to save water.

    President Clinton
  • President Bush


    President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush have created water initiatives around the world to save water. WaterWorks America, LLC received a number of invitations from the White House for its work in saving water.

    President Bush
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is aware that severe water shortages are causing conflicts throughout the world that could soon escalate into water wars. WaterWorks Crystals® can save 50% of any nations fresh water.

    President Bush
  • Senator George Mitchell


    Senator George Mitchell the Current Mideast Peace Envoy knows that peace depends on fair and equal treatment of water rights as well as human rights

    Senator George Mitchell
  • Admiral Will Crowe


    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. WaterWorks America works with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of the Army, US Army Corps of Engineers, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Commerce and many other government agencies.

    Admiral Will Crowe
  • Ron Brown


    Ron Brown US Secretary of Commerce - 100% of all WaterWorks America products are created, developed, and made in the USA.

    Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown
  • Commander Jim Lovell


    Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell says you can clearly see desertification and drought conditions from space

    Commander Jim Lovell
  • Prince Bandar


    Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, where water is more expensive than oil. In the largest country in the world without a single river, even a single day without desalination plants would cause unthinkable hardship. WaterWorks Crystals® save and store water.

    Prince Bandar
  • Why are so many people interested in WaterWorks Crystals®?


    Non Toxic WaterWorks Crystals® absorb hundreds of times their weight in water, storing it and saving it. WaterWorks Crystals® then time release that water to any plant, tree, bush, shrub, or crop for days or weeks in between waterings

    WaterWorks Crystals® absorb hundreds of times their weight in water
  • Water By Its Very Nature is lost to percolation due to gravity;


    something that could not be overcome until WaterWorks Crystals®.

    Water Is Lost to Percolation
  • Non Toxic WaterWorks Crystals® Overcome the Force of Gravity.


    WaterWorks Crystals® act like thousands of tiny water holding tanks, or water reservoirs, absorbing, storing and saving water that would normally be lost through percolation due to gravity.

    WaterWorks Overcomes the Force of Gravity
  • The Miracle of WaterWorks Crystals®


    The Miracle of WaterWorks Crystals® is that they overcome the force of gravity and keep water in the root zone, right where plants or trees can use it through normal capillary action.

    Overcome the Force of Gravity
  • Designed by Water Engineers, Soil Scientists, and Agriculture Experts


    Designed by Water Engineers, Soil Scientists, and Agriculture Experts, WaterWorks Crystals® were developed to work with nature, not against it Here are some examples of how it will work at the most important location...Yours

    Designed by Water Engineers and Soil Scientists
  • South African Greenhouse


    South African Greenhouse. Note the difference in growth with WaterWorks Crystals® used on the right versus untreated plants on the left. The yield and profits to the grower are unmatched by any other method on earth.

    South African Greenhouse
  • A US Nursery


    A US Nursery shows the difference between treated plants on the right, and untreated plants on the left. WaterWorks Crystals® give grower greater yields, and larger profits. It's all about the economics.

    A US Nursery
  • Tea Plants in Indonesia


    Tea Plants in Indonesia. Tea plants take 5 years before they reach maturity and can survive on their own. If a drought hits the grower can suffer the loss of his entire crop, which will then have to be re-planted. WaterWorks Crystals® can prevent this loss.

    Tea Plants in Indonesia
  • UAE Crown Prince Farms


    UAE Crown Prince Farms Japanese Apples. Shows ease of treating established trees

    UAE Crown Prince Farms Japanese Apples
  • WaterWorks Crystals® have treated these trees since 1992


    WaterWorks Crystals® have treated these trees since 1992, savings thousands of gallons of water per year, and thousands of dollars after a single application. One example of how long WaterWorks lasts in the soil.

    Trees Treated Since 1992
  • Eucalyptus Seedlings in a Greenhouse


    Eucalyptus Seedlings in a Greenhouse show no WaterWorks on the left, 1 Kg. per cubic yd. in the middle, and 2 Kgs. per cubic yd. on right.

    Eucalyptus Seedlings
  • In Actual Field Use Palm trees in Malaysia


    In Actual Field Use Palm trees in Malaysia No WaterWorks were used on the left, 1 kilogram in the middle,and 2 Kgs. on the right after 5 years. The Return on investment of a few dollars per tree is 6 months or less, while non toxic WaterWorks Crystals® last for years in the soil.

    Palm Trees In Malaysia
  • Spreading WaterWorks Crystals® is Easy


    Spreading WaterWorks Crystals® for growing and farming is this easy

    Spreading WaterWorks Crystals®
  • After Spreading


    After Spreading WaterWorks Crystals® simply cover, plant, and cut watering in half.

    Simply Cut Costs In Half
  • Eggplant The Results Even in Hot, Harsh, Climates


    Eggplant The Results Even in Hot, Harsh, Climates. Plants will grow on average 8% to 22% faster, with 50% less water, labor, and chemicals, with far better survival rates.

    The Results
  • In Kuwait temperatures can average over 120 degrees


    In Kuwait temperatures can average over 120 degrees. Under government supervision an attempt was made to grow grass. WaterWorks Crystals® were first applied under the ground.

    Under Government Supervision
  • Grass Plugs Were Planted


    Grass Plugs Were Planted, and under government supervision, and water metering, watering was cut by more than 50%.

    Grass plugs were planted
  • After 6 Weeks


    After only 6 weeks. Using 50% less time, labor, and water, in harsh desert conditions, here are the results. Thousands of gallons of water were saved.

    After only 6 weeks
  • If WaterWorks Crystals® work so well


    If WaterWorks Crystals® work so well under these conditions at these locations, don't you think you should try it at the most important location?.... Yours

    Works Well

Because it can save one of the earths most precious natural resources... WATER!


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