Dependence on Chemicals
In addition to water shortages and irrigation problems, crops have for years been dependent on an arsenal of chemicals in order to survive and thrive.

Higher yielding crops require ever increasing dependence on fertilizers and pesticides, which are simply poisons. And the more these chemicals are used on an individual strain, the less effective they become. As simpler formulas become ineffective, more and more complex chemicals are needed.

In order to be effective for crop use, all of these chemicals are water soluble, and, therefore, what are called volatile. They all go into the soil and, due to gravity, a large majority percolates (leaches) into the ground with the irrigation water. These chemicals migrate into the underground water table and work their way into your wells, your food supply, your drinking water. Plants are only able use a small amount. The rest is simply wasted.

roots growing around WaterWorks Crystals