WaterWorks In the News
The White House recognized that the extraordinary ability of WaterWorks Crystals® to absorb, store, and save at least 50% of all water used in growing would have a profound effect on agriculture in water starved areas of the US and around the world.

As a result WaterWorks America. Inc. was singled out for special recognition by The President of The United States. WaterWorks America founder, Mr. Bruce Wirtanen, developer of WaterWorks Crystals was proud to accept the award from The President.

With over 25 million businesses in the US alone we at WaterWorks America are proud of our accomplishments in helping the world save our most precious natural resource; water.

Please keep in mind as you view the photos that WaterWorks Crystals® cut water use in half, and also cut in half time, water and labor costs, pumping, fuel, trucking, irrigation equipment, and all other costs associated with watering.

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