What is WaterWorks
How do we balance the needs of the environment and preserve one of our earth's most precious natural resources -- water -- against the voracious ever-growing appetites of increasing city populations, industrialization, and agricultural needs? ... WaterWorks Crystals® can help ...

WaterWorks Crystals® is a completely non-toxic superabsorbent crosslinked polymer, capable of absorbing up to 400 times its weight in rain or irrigation water, and a percentage of water-soluble nutrients and fertilizers, making almost 100% of that water and nutrients available to plant roots.

Within the soil, WaterWorks Crystals® act like tiny sponges to absorb several hundred times their weight in water, store that water, as in thousands of tiny reservoirs, and "Time Release" the correct amount to any plant, tree, bush, shrub, or crop, for days or weeks in-between normal waterings.

roots growing around WaterWorks Crystals