The Science of Water
To gain an understanding of how a particle of WaterWorks acts to absorb moisture so efficiently, observe the simplified molecule of the material diagramed at left.

Each particle or molecule has in its structure two main parallel groups of atoms which are periodically joined by connecting links (cross-links) as shown.

When water is added to WaterWorks Crystals®, an electro/ chemical repulsion takes place which causes the main branches of the molecule to repel each other, as the like poles of a magnet.

As this happens water is drawn in between the branches resulting in a rapid swelling of each particle and a rapid absorption of water.

WaterWorks Crystals® absorb water from any inert substance such as the soil -- and release water to any living plant root through normal capillary action. We are not attempting to overcome nature. We have adapted WaterWorks Crystals® to respond to the needs of any plant root through normal osmotic capillary action.

How WaterWorks Works -- Typical WaterWorks Molecule