How Plants Move Water
The following well-known relationship determines water potential within plants and also applies to plant tissues and the soil.

Put simply, water moves through plant cells due to a "differential" in "pressure gradients," which pulls water through a plant. This graph illustrates those greatly differing pressures which are established in science as "differential permeability."

This differential permeability allows water to pass readily through a plant's membranes.

This "diffusion" of water across these permeable membranes from a region of higher potential to one of lower potential is the method in which WaterWorks Crystals® provides water through "Osmotic Potential."

Water diffuses into a cell by osmosis until the cell becomes swollen, or turgid, and the distended walls of the cell exert pressure on the cell contents to move to an area of lower pressure along the gradient within a plant.

Pressure gradients move water through plant cells